Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winterfair is Nearly Here

Winterfair is a mere five days away! I am much more prepared for this show than the last two. I just did an inventory count and I'm at 96 clocks. 13 of those are molded clocks that will be finished up this weekend and a handful of wall clocks need to be assembled, but I should be done with clock stuff by Monday. Amazing! No sleepless all nighters and stabbed fingers this time.

My sales this November compared to last November are quite sad. Can you believe I sold 59 clocks last November! I remember it being chaotic, and that's why. This November is at half that so far. Thankfully I have the show next week so I am unstressed by the lower sales figures. Unless I sell nothing at the show and then that would just suck.

My melting clock chair has been postponed. I'm a bit bummed that it won't be ready for a show this year but the base just doesn't want to fit on the seat. I need to completely redesign it which is too bad because the base was very cool. Maybe in January I can start messing with it again.

Another postponed project is my, oh wait, I can't tell you. But it is going to be awesome when I get it finished!

Other than clock making not much new is going on. My almost 4 year old daughter got her ears pierced a couple of weeks ago. Every time she watched me change my earrings she asked to get her ears pierced. I kept telling her it would hurt but we could do it, so finally one day we went and she sat like a champ! No crying till after both ears were done and only for a couple of minutes. She was VERY proud of her new earrings. Her six weeks of healing is up right before Christmas and we can put new earrings in so I can't wait to buy her some Christmas themed earrings. She is very girly girly and I am not, but she brings it out of me a bit. My son adamantly proclaimed that he will NOT get his ears pierced ever, and that is fine with me.

Some of my clocks:

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