Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We had a great holiday. Eli was an elephant and Karina was a flower. Eli was feeling a little under the weather, but we went around the block and he got plenty of candy. We had lots of trick or treaters and the pumpkins I carved were a hit. Particularly the puking pumpkin. I wish it was my original idea, but I saw it in an email once.
I started on a new batch of ornaments/magnets today. I am doing an small art show on the eighth so I am trying to stock up. I've never sold my clocks in person so it will be interesting to see the response I get. My Internet customers seem to be quite happy, hopefully in person people will like my products as well.
No movement with my ceramic clocks yet. My sales have been slow, but I blame it on the economy and the upcoming election. I expect sales to get a bit better after the fourth. Last year I had trouble keeping up with the Christmas orders. I'll post pictures of the ceramic clocks tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a very happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Help the Economy

So this is my third clock in a row that didn't sell on Ebay. That is strange. I usually always sell what I have listed on Ebay. I really think the economy is effecting my sales. Don't people realize that if they buy my products I will put the money right back into the economy? I swear, I will not hold on to it and hoard it! I have a trip coming up that involves driving back from Florida so I will spread the wealth at Cracker Barrels and gas stations all the way from Florida to Ohio. Buy a clock and help the economy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brand New Blog

Woo-hoo, a blog for my company. Hopefully people don't read this and decide not to buy from me because of it! I figured my customers may like to know a little about the person they are buying from. It is nice to know that a real person is making something just for you. That real effort and thought go into each item that is made.
Right now I am super psyched to be taking my first two ceramic melting clocks to be fired. I just put the final coat of glaze on them so they are a powdery pink right now. I know absolutely nothing about clay and glaze, so I'm trusting that the guy at the pottery supply place new what he was talking about when he picked out the under glazes and topcoat. Guess we'll find out in a few days. Ceramic clocks could be a whole new chapter for Pragmatic Effects! You can only bend wood so much, but the possibilities are endless with clay. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them back from the kiln.