Sunday, November 29, 2009

Clock Mayhem

I'm working on thirty clocks right now. Needless to say it is going to be a busy day! Twelve of them are custom orders and the rest are to sell on my website and Etsy. I've had a good week for sales and I'm hoping it continues through the next week at least. Last year I got slammed for two weeks and then it completely dried up a couple weeks before Christmas. I hope that doesn't happen this year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Quote

I was just checking out HR Giger's website and I found a quote that is priceless. I think it is from his agent Les Barany.
"Never explain your art. People who ask you to do so are idiots."

Channeling My Inner Christmas Squirrel

I think I pulled something acting like a squirrel today and climbing a tree to put Christmas lights up. Why do Christmas lights have to suck so much? They're little strings of stress. They tangle and they don't work. I have seven or eight strings that don't work. And why do they take different types of little bulbs and different watt fuses. Who decided that? Why does one half of the string light up and the other doesn't? Why does my five year old think he knows more about the lights than me? I'm going to buy some of the lights that take big screw in bulbs. Those are easier to figure out which bulb is whack and easier to replace. I wonder if those led lights are any easier to deal with. Probably not. Don't get me started on untangling icicle lights. It's all worth it I suppose to see your children smile when they see the house all lit up and pretty.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm glad I don't live in a box

So I'm working on a painting right now. It is a commissioned portrait destined to be a Christmas gift. I'm pretty excited about it. I want to post pictures but I don't know if the person who is receiving it looks at this blog or not. Oh who am I kidding, probably not. But just to be safe you two or three people that do occasionally stumble on here are going to have to wait until after Christmas to see it.
So my friend is going to Italy next week. So not fair. Okay, it is fair, she can afford it and I cannot. Maybe if I got a real job (not that stay at home mom isn't a real job, but it doesn't pay so great). My qualifications are extensive. I have been a waitress, a cashier, worked at five gas stations, changed oil at Jiffy Lube, cleaned a medical lab, been a taxi cab dispatcher, sorted bulk mail at the post office, washed dogs for a day, delivered the newspaper( a real route, not on a bike, common on now), put file box things together in a warehouse, worked at a music store, a movie store, a bread store, a grocery store, and a fabric store. I'm probably missing some. If this doesn't scream ADD I don't know what does. My average time at these jobs was three months. Thank goodness I have my clocks, art, and a hubby with a real job. Otherwise I'd probably be living in a box. A nicely decorated box.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dali and Disney

Some people don't know that Dali and Walt Disney were working on a short movie together. Well, I found it on youtube. I can't embed it so here is a link: Destino. It is like watching a Dali painting in motion! Pretty cool.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


So here is what I came up with tonight. Not too bad, I suppose, considering I'm feeling like I couldn't draw a circle if I tried. When I start doing abstract like crap you know I'm in trouble. I hate to admit it but I kind of like these paintings. They were done separately without thought of the other, but they fit together well. Hmm, we'll see what I do tomorrow.

Creative Block

I feel like I've had creative block lately. Last night I felt like if I didn't produce something worth looking at my head would pop. I finally came up with a small acrylic painting I like. I'm planning on a doing a few more tonight. If they turn out I'll post pictures of them all together. I'm thinking about taking a few days off art. I keep saying that and don't do it. I just have that creative urge that eats at you until you do something about it. Maybe I'll work on music in a few days. That will keep me busy and scratch the itch. I've been knitting, but that doesn't quite cut it. Okay, wake up this yawn worthy post is over.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Creative block sucks. I thought I'd sit down and sketch for fun last night, but it is no fun when you can't draw anything worth looking at. I think I need to take a day or two off from the art stuff.

I've been thinking about spats lately. I saw some on Etsy that I LOVE. I think spats are the greatest fashion accessory ever. After I saw the movie Oscar years and years ago I was sold on spats. Everyone should wear spats when they dress nice. If I had thought about it everyone in our wedding party would have been wearing them. Nick would have loved that. When I'm rich and famous I will own MANY pairs of custom spats.

The spats above can be found at: ashesandempires on Etsy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well, I got a new blackberry yesterday. I'm pretty excited, they had a fantastic deal on them. I was ready to throw it in the trash last night after trying to figure it out for half an hour or so. At one point it kept telling me it wasn't connected to the computer. Connect it with a usb cable it said. I kept looking at the usb cable coming from the phone to the computer and felt like screaming, "it can't get anymore connected to the computer!" I didn't realize I had to inform the computer that there was a usb cable stuck in it and then tell it what it was. I thought computers were supposed to be smart. I guess they are only as smart as their users. I have zero patience for technology. I'm happy to say it didn't get tossed and I have it somewhat figured out now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Robot Lady is Done!

Woo-hoo she is done! Now back to painting cute kid portraits.

Robot Lady is Almost Finished

My robot lady is just about finished. I just need to do the background on the bottom of the painting and little fine tuning here and there. My mind is already on my steampunk pin up. Can't wait to do that one!
Here is a picture of me working. I have five layers or so on because it is COLD outside. Gives a good perspective on the size of the painting.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Steampunk Meets Pin Up

So I was on Etsy today and saw a gift guide for steampunk items. Well, I love the whole steampunk thing. I would feel goofy wearing the clothes, but I will admire them from afar. However there are these super cool steampunk pocket watches on Etsy and I really want one. (hint, hint, Christmas is coming). Anyways the idea hit me, steampunk pin up robot ladies! Perhaps my new painting subjects. So I sketched a couple and this is my favorite. I'm thinking a four by four foot painting. My next project once I finish my robot and a painting for my mother. It will be fun to compare the completed painting to this sketch. Please keep in mind this is a ten minute sketch. I usually don't let anyone see the rough, very rough, sketches where my ideas start. I like looking at other people's evolving ideas so what the hay.