Thursday, January 28, 2010

Robert Pattinson, What Were You Thinking?

I suppose I can't blame him completely. The writers and director of the film Little Ashes I'm sure were behind the dissappointing portrayal of Dali. They make him seem almost meek, and unsure. Eccentric for certain, but confident no doubt. If Dali ever felt a twinge of self doubt I'm sure he wouldn't have let anyone see it. I got through less than half of the movie and I'm not sure if I care to watch the rest. Homosexuality aside, it's his character that is lacking. Dali led a such a grand and interesting life I find it sad that no one has made a quality movie depicting his ventures. Dali himself claimed that nothing ever happened with Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca and quite honestly I don't care. Federico was an important part of his life, and like I said, it is not his relationship with him that bothered me, it was the portrayal of Dali's character that disappointed me. His impact on the world of art was and is outstanding and everlasting. Hopefully one day a movie will be made showcasing his talent and achievements in the art and cultural world.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Clay Melting Clocks

I made a couple of functioning melting clocks out of clay a year or so ago. They looked cool, but I didn't love them. After sitting on the idea for awhile I've decided to have a go at clay again. The first one I just sculpted is just decorative, no mechanism. I think I may try to make another before my daughter wakes up from her nap. She is two so she would be all over the clay! I'd let her play with it, but I'm sure it would end up in her mouth.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So I have been a Dexter addict this last week. I've been watching it on Netflix on the computer. I was curious about the show because it gets such good reviews, plus my number one fear, next to trains and animals with large teeth (alligators, sharks) is murderers. I watch I Survived, which I probably shouldn't but can't help, and now Dexter. Maybe it's a way of facing my fears. I don't know, but they make him so likable it's odd. So if you have a strong stomach and a not too overactive imagination (I do, and have had nightmares, thanks Dexter) check it out.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Collection of Clips From The Money Pit

My husband I recentely considered buying a 150 year old house. 4200 square feet, five fireplaces, three staircases, amazing. The catch was that the house needed A LOT of work. So common sense finally kicked in and we reconsidered. The house made me think of the movie The Money Pit. We watched it Friday and I was in tears.