Monday, January 31, 2011

Hooray For Giant Eyeglasses and Slasher Films!

I was asked by a clock customer if I could recreate the Camp Crystal Lake Sign from Friday the 13th. I said of course. I am one of those people that truly believes I can pull anything off no matter how hard. Cocky, I don't think so. Confident, yes. That mind set has gotten me through some tough projects. Anywho, you can see how it turned out. I think it looks great. The sign measures 36" X 35".

I declare this the year of giant eyeglasses. My husband informs me that I am behind on the trend because women have been wearing giant sunglasses for awhile. This is true. But just try to find a good pair of new giant eyeglasses. You can't. I had to resort to vintage stock.

Oh the choices! After much thought and worry I finally bought two pairs of vintage frames tonight. The maroon and olive ones made me gasp with wonderous delight when I first saw them. They will most assuredly make my green eyes pop. The tan Playboy model is fabulously large and oh so classic. Am I really this superficial? No. But when making a statement with your face you must give it some thought. Now hopefully when they arrive I don't gasp with disappointment with how terrible they look on me. If so I will be selling some vintage eyeglass frames.

I looked ridiculous in the giant eyeglasses. One pair went back and the other is hiding in the back of my bureau. We'll just act like this didn't happen.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to WTF!?

Don't be alarmed, it's just Bigfoot Barbie (she still needs some work on her hands and feet). No there is nothing wrong with me, I just realized that I have been taking my art way to seriously.

A friend of ours was having a birthday dinner and I was wondering what to get him. He is a big fan of comic books, Batman in particular. I can't afford to buy any collector edition comics, plus he probably has most of them, so I did the next best thing. I made a diorama. Batman defeats the Joker at Beer Pong. It was a close match. I paid attention to every detail. The cups had beer in them, there were water cups with fake water. There was even the winning ping pong ball in the Joker's last cup. Regretsy is rubbing off on me I think. That little creation set off a frenzy of ideas.

Big Foot Barbie of course and Heavy Metal Barbie pictured below. She still needs some work. More tattoos, some piercings, etc. I have a notebook with a bunch more top secret ideas that I will show once they are completed. It's a good outlet to make humourous (at least I think it's funny) crap. I think I may even open another Etsy store so my whacked out creations can be purchased and enjoyed by others. Don't worry, they will be affordable, and I'll post the link when it opens.

A clock update: I sold over 200 clocks between November and December, plus three melting clock accent tables. It was by far my best Christmas season yet. Hopefully I get into some art shows this summer and fall and continue the sales through the year!