Saturday, December 24, 2011

Karina Cottage Pics

Pictures of my latest non clock project. This cozy animal abode features three floors, large neatly trimmed picturesque windows, stylish crackle finish floors, brightly painted walls, and a lovely pink facade complete with climbing ivy.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Days to Go

I am ready for Christmas! The dollhouse is finished and ready for wrapping. All of the other presents are wrapped and under the tree. All of Santa's presents are wrapped and in hiding. All clocks are shipped and all presents to relatives are shipped. Now if only it would stop raining.........
Australia has 270 sunny days a year. I want that without the deadly land and water creatures.

I was going to post pictures of Karina's Cottage tonight but I am out of batteries. I just bought a 100 pack before Winterfair! So I'll post pictures of it tomorrow.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Don't Pet Your Goldfish

The kids and I are going to buy a couple of goldfish for their fishtank today. I was looking up water temperature for goldfish when I found this useful tidbit in the wiki article: "Like all fish, goldfish do not like to be petted." Thank god they cleared that up for me.

I just realized that most of our pets are hands off. The turtle always stays in the tank and I'm sure she is happy about that. The fire belly toads never come out. We do occasionally play with the fish. I guess that will have to stop, darn, they are such fun in the bath tub.

Where oh where have my Christmas sales gone? The holiday sales rush has most definitely peaked. I will be shipping out the last of my custom orders tomorrow and then I will have no clocks to work on. That will feel a little odd. It will give me time to finish up the critter house. Check out the progress:

Nick and I are done with our Christmas shopping. Woo-hoo! I don't think we've ever been this on top of things. And not only are we done shopping, everything is wrapped. This may be the least stressful week before Christmas ever.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hurry Up Christmas!

I am so very excited for Christmas this year! I have so many fun things I can't wait to give people! Thanks to the internet we are 90% done with our Christmas shopping. I signed up for the free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime (free two day shipping) and got my money's worth (ha ha) and more. I'm cancelling it today, though. It was really nice, but $79 a year is a bit steep.

The bunny cottage is coming along. I didn't realize how tedious it was going to be. I cut 48 Popsicle sticks for the inside window frames last night and glued them all in place. Once it is assembled I'll have to do it again for the outside windows. The inside walls are all painted and so are the floors. I had thought of doing wallpaper, but was worried about how it would all stick together when we glued the wall and floors together. Plus I'm in budget mode and I already had paint on hand. I'm hoping to have it assembled in the next day or two so I can started painting the outside. Here is a picture or the fantastic model my dad put together last week.

It has been clock madness around here. Yesterday I literally stayed in the basement all day painting. It was worth it because I have clocks completed that aren't due to ship until the end of the week.

We got a Christmas tree this weekend. It is huge, but it looks nice. Now if only we can keep the kid's hands off of it and keep the giant dog from hitting it with his tail. He launched two ornaments across the room this morning. We may need to move ornaments higher up the tree.

Isn't the garbage bag under the tree a nice touch. I'll add buy a tree skirt to my to do list today.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Mother Nature,

This is Ohio, not Quibdo, Colombia. You have made your point, whatever that may be, and we don't get it. Turn off the faucet already. This has been the wettest year on record and we have all had enough. There is NO reason why Cincinnati needs twice the average annual precipitation. No reason AT ALL. If I wanted enough water in my back yard for water fowl I would dig a pond. Stop it already.

Thank you

I don't think Mother Nature gives a pooh what I think, or reads this blog, but it's worth a shot.

My son turned seven today. Holy ^&*^%, how did that happen? That means I am getting old. Before I know it he is going to be driving and not wanting to have anything to do with me. Karina and I went to the school and had lunch with him. We also brought along cupcakes for his class. Am I a bad mother that I ran out of time to make cupcakes and bought discounted Christmas cupcakes instead? It's the thought that counts, right? Besides they tasted good. Who cares if there were little Christmas tree sprinkles on them instead of regular sprinkles. He got his dream birthday cake on Saturday at his party. Today's cupcakes were bonus. I need to have better time management next year.

I did some Christmas shopping this weekend. I am so friggin excited. I bought some Calico Critters for my daughter. What is a Calico Critter, you ask. Feast your eyes on this overload of cuteness:

It all started when I was flipping through the Toys R Us ad and saw the critter cottage on sale. I have been eying the critter dolls for awhile and it finally hit me, I will make her a Critter dollhouse! My dad made me an awesome barn for my Breyer horses when I was growing up (along with a Brenda Breyer house and outhouse) and before that he made me the best My Little Pony castle ever. So now I get to build cute stuff for my kids. I have enlisted my Dad's help so it should turn out better than a previously blogged about kitty condo. My daughter has a super active imagination and she loves to role play with her My Little Ponies so I think these critters are going to be perfect. I can't wait to play with them, I mean with her and them, right.

On the clock front business is booming. Thank you Christmas. I'm excited because I've been getting lots of inquiries and orders from people that saw me at the shows I did this fall, that is very encouraging.

Since I'm planning on really revving up my Art Show activity next year I am thinking about forming an LLC for tax purposes. It's a bit daunting, though, because I know nothing about it.

Planning on trying for 15 plus shows next year is daunting as well, but I'm confident I'll pull it off. If I'm accepted to them, that is. I've learned to jump in with both feet and even if I don't know how I'm going to make it work I know I will somehow.