Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh No Mr. Skunk

Dear Mr. Skunk,

Please do not spray your skunky stink so close to my house.

Thank you,

Three more days until the art show. Hooray! Well, hopefully hooray. If I don't sell anything then it will be Boo. And not like Halloween Boo. It will be like stinky skunk Boo.

I have almost all of my clocks done. I need to put the last four molded clocks in the mold tonight. That means I will be cutting, sanding, painting, and spraying them on Saturday. That's on top of packing everything up and a making a errand run around town to grab the last few things I need. Errand runs are several hour ventures since I live in boo foo and it takes half an hour just to get to decent shopping areas. But that's alright since everything else is done. I painted my display walls tonight. They are a lovely shade of ? It was discount oops paint. Hey, I'm a starving artist here, I can't afford to decorate my booth with Ralph Lauren paint with fancy names like Bistro Fluff.

I signed up for a Propay account tonight. That means I can take credit cards at the show. Hopefully someone wants to buy something. I also get the occasional phone customer that is all set to pay with their card and I always have to send an invoice through paypal, so now I can just take the credit card over the phone. Call me anytime. I'm never too tired or busy to take your order.

My only sad point is that I was really hoping to have more furniture at the show. As it stands I only have one bar stool to take. My August sales and most of September were dismal so there were no funds for furniture building. This last week has been great, though, so hopefully this keeps up till Christmas time. I'd love to have a variety of furniture. Rick gave me a couple of molds so I can have several different shapes and sizes of melting clock chairs. Need some melting clock dining chairs, no problem. Need bar stools with or with out back rests, I got you covered. Want a table shaped like an ice cream cone? No way. Well, okay, whatever you want. The Paypal address is: I was just thinking maybe I'll crank out a couple of melting clock coffee tables in the next two days. Okay, probably not. But I'll keep you posted.

I'm off to mold clocks. How do I do it? Well little magic wood fairies show up with a giant bottle of glue and

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Going Primal

I'm doing the 30 primal challenge from Mark's Daily Apple. I've been flirting with the primal way of life for a couple of months now. No grains, lots of meat, veggies, healthy fats, and some fruit and nuts. I have to say I definitely feel better. More energy and better muscle tone. But I've decided to go all out and join the challenge. Which means less fruit and no processed sugar. I'll report back on my progress. I expect to look something like this:

**Update** If it tells you anything about my experience on the Primal Diet, I have been vegetarian (and loving it) since April. Sometimes it takes trying all kinds of things to find what works for you.