Sunday, August 26, 2012

Art Shows, Painting, and Butterfly Pee

This summer's art shows have been a major let down after the smorgasbord that was Broad Ripple. Will anything live up to the sales I had there? I sure hope so! Not only have the show sales been dismal, my internet sales are in the toilet too. I blame the election and the economy. Hopefully it will pick up in the fall and this Christmas sales season will make up for it. I'm putting positive thoughts out there!

On a happier note I have finally embraced my true love. Painting! Getting the big fat No Thank You from Hyde Park three years ago with my paintings burst my bubble. Then I got so busy with clocks I eventually gave up on ever selling my paintings. But after spending some time at art shows I realized there is no reason I can't make a go at selling my paintings. Just because one show said no doesn't mean everyone will. That same show said no to my clocks last year and it propelled me into larger shows. Instead of searching for that new product, or that new hobby, I'm finally realizing that painting is what I'm good at and what I love. So expect some fun painting updates in the future!

Painting leads us to butterfly pee. What? Yeah. I like to paint butterflies and I was looking through some butterfly books for color reference and I saw a picture of a butterfly peeing. I never knew butterflies peed. I mean, it makes sense, what goes in must come out right? It's just that they are so beautiful and pure looking, it's like a beautiful woman, they don't fart or belch right? Of course they do. So anyways, I give you a butterfly peeing. Your welcome:

The day after seeing that in the book I found myself watching butterflies on my butterfly bush just waiting for evidence that this really does happen. I didn't see it. I guess my local butterflies are more modest and do it when they aren't being watched.