Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost Success!

Check out my new website! Click Here

I'm going to make it private so it won't have any adds and I have more stuff to add like a gallery and store with shopping cart. But it's getting there! I think it looks way better than the old website. Well, the current one I guess, I also need to direct my domain names to the new site. Hopefully that will get done in the next couple of days.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother F@&^*#)$

I just dug myself a lovely hole. I got annoyed with my current website hosting service because they are charging me out the butt for hosting and for their website builder thing that I don't even like. So I got all rebellious and signed up with a new hosting service. The catch is I don't know squat about creating a website or computer stuff in general. It's like reading Chinese to me. It is a miracle that I somehow stumbled through the last five years running my own site. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm on the verge or self pity tears right now so I'm going to bed. I will tackle it tomorrow.

Hopefully a wonderful new website is in the near future. I may have to get my husband to translate the foreign language for me (computer jargon). Either that or I will be annoying the shit out of the live chat help guys. I'll just tell myself that surely duller crayons than me have pestered them for help in the past. At the very least my dumb questions will give them something to complain/laugh about over the water cooler.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

The rain just doesn't want to stop! This April was the wettest April in history with Cincinnati getting more rainfall than ever before. I feel like I live in a tropical climate during rainy season only we don't have the tropical heat to go along with the rain.

Our basement which often leaks a bit during rain has had a constant puddle. The puddle has turned into a lake several times causing me some problems. The basement is where I work and when my molds are flooded it's hard to get work done!

I should buy some ducks. Basement ducks. If they get bored in the basement they could go swim around in one of the many large ponds that have formed in our backyard. If it was warmer I would be worried about alligators because the backyard is more of a wetlands/marsh than anything else.

The plants sure look happy, though. Everything is very green. I'm looking forward to one day (probably in June) when it dries out enough for me to plant a very large garden in the back. I'm wising up this year and building a raised garden. It will be six to eight inches higher than the rest of the yard. Last year my garden got off to a decent start and then all my plants drowned. Very sad.