Monday, September 12, 2011

It Was Nice While it Lasted

Our brand new laptop is no more. My dear husband spilled coffee on it and now it won't work. What a pisser. We are going to take it to the computer doctor, but I have a feeling there is no hope. Maybe they will at least be able to save my super nifty excel sheets that I made in my short time spent with the new computer. So sad.

In clock news I have been a busy busy clock maker! I have over 90 wall clocks made and 40+ mantel clocks in production. I think I may just pull this off before the shows in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I really would like to take a couple of tables but all the wood I bought for tables is going to table orders. Which in all honesty is a good problem because those sales are funding my supply buying for stocking up inventory.

I bought an EZ up canopy last week. I am going to mess with it towards the end of the week to make sure I know what I'm doing when putting it up and taking it down. Plus I am going to build new displays out of nicer looking wood than the junk I used last year. So aside from some lacquer for molded clocks, some wood for tables, and lighting for my booth I am good to go! I think.

My sales so far this year have far surpassed last year's sales. This is very exciting and also very scary because my busy season hasn't even started yet. Last holiday season was chaos so I'm a bit frightened of how this year is going to pan out with an increase (hopefully) of sales and three shows on top of it all. It will be very interesting. Maybe I'll make enough to buy a new laptop. One that will not be allowed on the dining room table if food or drink is around. Just saying.

(What does the skunk looking squirrel pic have to do with this post? Nothing. I was looking for a sad squirrel picture to help convey my distress over the lost computer and found this pic instead. Look at it! It's a squirrel that looks like a skunk! I want one.)

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