Friday, September 16, 2011


Here is some evidence of the clock chaos raging in my filthy basement right now:

I'm getting there. I have all but eight wall clocks painted and poured. Now I just need to sand the resin drips off the back, paint the backs, and assemble them. All 100 of them.

I'm also making steady progress on the molded clocks. There is no way I will have enough molded clocks done for both shows by the end of next week so I will have some more hustling to do the following week to prepare for the second show.

I have a table coming out of the mold today and a second one going in. Those will be done in time for the show. Then I just need to finish my melting clock chair. That's right! The first and one and only melting clock chair. I really want to get that done in time for the show so I can get customer in person feedback on it.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Home Depot to get the rest of the supplies I need to revamp my display and light my booth.

Have a happy weekend!

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