Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Melting Clock Table In The Mold

I realize I just mentioned in a previous post that I wasn't going to mess with furniture for a bit, but I changed my mind. I've decided to build a few small accent tables. They will be molded melting clocks with a pedastool base that I will build myself. I may even consider putting a clock movement in them. A functional melting clock table. The wood I have in the mold right now measures 30 X 19 inches and I imagine I won't cut much off the length. I have a vision in my mind of what the finished product will look like and I'm dying to put it all together. I can't take the wood out of the mold until Thursday. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have my first completed melting clock table!

On a completely other topic I have a little spider pet. I don't get to keep it because after doing some research I think it is a baby black widow. The hourglass is orange so I first wondered if it really was a black widow. I found pictures of brown widows which are not as dangerous, but they are tropical spiders and I couldn't find any mention of brown widow spiders in Ohio. After looking at pictures of immature black widows I'm pretty sure that is what I have. It is actually quite worrisome because this little guy was hanging out on a metal garden decoration right next to our front porch. One of us could have easily brushed up against it. Two years ago while pulling ivy out of the same front flowerbed I spotted a mature black widow. I freaked out at the time because my son, then three, had been helping me pull the weeds right next to where the spider was! So no pulling weeds without gloves on for me, and no pulling weeds at all for the kids. I don't get to keep my little spider because, well, it just doesn't seem smart to have a poisonous spider in a jar when you have little kids in the house. Plus it is kind of creepy to want to keep a spider, right? Hopefully he doesn't bite me on his way out of the jar when I take him to the woods and let him go. Nick wants to squish him, but I've heard that squishing spiders is bad luck. I'm attaching a photo of my find (Well, really Nick found it and showed it to me. He then regretted it because he didn't expect me to want to keep it in a jar) to give you the creepie crawlies. Your welcome.

Oh, and by the way, I am not some odd bug person. I'm actually quite grossed out by spiders, but this little guy intrigued me. Okay, I do like to hunt crickets with the kids and throw them in the garden spider's webs so we can watch them hunt. But that is completely at the kid's request. Sweet dreams.

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