Sunday, October 10, 2010

Completed Melting Clock Table

The melting clock table is finished! I think it turned out great. I have enough wood on hand to mold two more tabletops so I will be working on that this week. I have a custom order clock to put in the mold first, though.

Did I go a little Dali overboard with the four Dali books stacked on top? It was seven, but Nick advised me that many books looked ridiculous. Oh well. I also considered wearing a Dali t-shirt for the photo, but again, didn't want to go overboard. For future pictures I plan on tracking down a thing of mustache wax and a lobster.

I have it listed for sale on Etsy and Ebay and I'm taking custom orders on my website so it will be interesting to see the response I get. I think it's fantastic, but we'll see if it sells. I think everyone should own at least two. Melting Clock Table.

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