Saturday, October 23, 2010

Art Gallery

I finally have my work in an art gallery. I had to pay them to put it in there, but whatever. And it's clocks, not paintings. I've decided to focus all, okay 89%, of my creative attention on clocks and making that business grow to it's fullest potential. The other 11% of my creative juices will be working on other stuff. Like my sharp table. And that table is indeed sharp.

I was polishing the pieces of mirror (all 500+ of them) and the cloth I was using is now full of holes. I poured epoxy on it tonight, which was quite nerve raking, and got holes in both pairs of gloves I used. There are little bubbles in the resin I'm not loving, but Nick said it looked like the pieces of glass were floating. Plus it has a great prismatic glow to it when viewed from an angle that it didn't have before.

The sucker better sell! Nick is hoping it won't because he wants to keep it here, but I have literally put hours of sweat and blood, no tears, into that table and I want someone else to enjoy it! That will be my only non clock item at the gallery.

It is Art on the Levee by the way if you want to check it out. I signed up for a month to test the waters. If I make back my rental fee I will stay through Christmas.

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