Monday, October 4, 2010

Hyde Park Art Show

I had a lot of fun at the Hyde Park Square Art Show! Everyone was so nice, from the other vendors to the patrons, it was great. I couldn't have asked for a better response. A lot of people stopped to look and reactions ranged from awe to out right laughter. Everyone knew they were melting clocks and most people knew it was Salvador Dali that inspired me. I also had a good number of sales. I can officially say that my first art show was a success! I will definitely be looking into doing more shows. I may wait until spring, though, so I can concentrate on Christmas orders for the remainder of this year.

I'm very thankful that my husband came along to help out. We make such a great team! I did notice that the few times I took a potty break or went to grab a warm drink he had sales while I was gone. Hmmm, maybe he is a better salesman than me? I'll have to bring him along every time!

Speaking of things to take every time, I had my grandfather's pocket watch with me at the show. I don't know why, but I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to take it with me. It doesn't even work, I need to get it repaired, but I had it in my pocket all day. So after the success of the show, that watch will be with me at every show.

It was a chilly day and the perfect way to wrap it up was dinner at Arthurs right there at the square. Their spinach artichoke dip is so tasty and the giant juicy cheeseburger I had really hit the spot. Especially since it was the only meal I had to eat that day after breakfast at 5:30am!

One interesting thing I noticed was that the bar stool wasn't as much of an interest as I thought it would be. People looked at it, but only one person asked me if it was for sale and what it's price was. I sold the same number of molded clocks as wall clocks. I thought that was interesting as well. I think I may not worry so much about furniture right now and concentrate on keeping my stock level high.

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