Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lucky 8000

I just noticed that I have 8,000 emails in my in box. That should be illegal. I need to learn to let go, clean out the email from time to time. Number 8,000 was an order, so that's something I guess.

Shame on you Regretsy!! The last time I looked at Regretsy they had way too many pictures of weird knitted body suit things. So I stayed away. I checked it out again tonight, though, and it's just too good. I recommend checking out the Real Poop painting and the Primitive Dashund Doxie Santa Dog. I admit, however, that the wiener dog Santa is not the star of the photograph. Uh oh, did I give it away? No, no links, this is a family friendly blog!!

Okay, I'm off to dance like no one is watching (because no one is) and glue up some more wood and put it in the mold. It's okay to be jealous of my Friday night. I am a little. What? I don't know.

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