Monday, November 2, 2009

Steampunk Meets Pin Up

So I was on Etsy today and saw a gift guide for steampunk items. Well, I love the whole steampunk thing. I would feel goofy wearing the clothes, but I will admire them from afar. However there are these super cool steampunk pocket watches on Etsy and I really want one. (hint, hint, Christmas is coming). Anyways the idea hit me, steampunk pin up robot ladies! Perhaps my new painting subjects. So I sketched a couple and this is my favorite. I'm thinking a four by four foot painting. My next project once I finish my robot and a painting for my mother. It will be fun to compare the completed painting to this sketch. Please keep in mind this is a ten minute sketch. I usually don't let anyone see the rough, very rough, sketches where my ideas start. I like looking at other people's evolving ideas so what the hay.

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