Monday, November 23, 2009

Channeling My Inner Christmas Squirrel

I think I pulled something acting like a squirrel today and climbing a tree to put Christmas lights up. Why do Christmas lights have to suck so much? They're little strings of stress. They tangle and they don't work. I have seven or eight strings that don't work. And why do they take different types of little bulbs and different watt fuses. Who decided that? Why does one half of the string light up and the other doesn't? Why does my five year old think he knows more about the lights than me? I'm going to buy some of the lights that take big screw in bulbs. Those are easier to figure out which bulb is whack and easier to replace. I wonder if those led lights are any easier to deal with. Probably not. Don't get me started on untangling icicle lights. It's all worth it I suppose to see your children smile when they see the house all lit up and pretty.

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