Monday, June 20, 2011

New High Tech Finishing Room

I work out of my dirty, dusty, messy basement. Clean it up, you say. Well, I try. I was having issues with little dust fibers and what not finding their way into the epoxy on my clocks, which would then make me have to pour additional coats of finish. Then I had a genius idea, with just two cheap drop cloths I fashioned a totally awesome pour room. Check out the photos. I turned the light on for you.

I feel a little Dexterish when I'm inside, which is creepy. Plus I use a propane torch during the finishing process so I have to be very aware of where that is pointing at all times. But so far it is working. The first batch of clocks were dust particle free. Don't be jealous now, not everyone can have such lavish work areas.

I realize it's June, but mark your calenders for September 23-25. That's when I'm going to be exhibiting at the Dayton Art Institute's Oktoberfest. It is official, I have paid the fee and have been assigned booth 123.

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