Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thanks for Dissing Me Hyde Park

So I didn't get into the Hyde Park Art Show this year. I think it's a little odd that someone can get in one year and have a packed tent the whole time but then not get in the next year. But, it's okay! I was pissed so I rebelled and applied to a much larger three day show, the Dayton Art Institute's Oktoberfest, and I got in. So thank you Hyde Park for rejecting me. Now I just need to pay the booth fee. Anyone want to buy a clock?

Speaking of which I've been a clock making fool lately. I am caught up with all but the two orders I got today. Plus I cut out 36 clocks on Monday and have sanded half of them. Gotta stock up!

If you haven't seen the new website check it out:

It is so nice to have sunny warm weather finally! I was reading the forecast on May 27 and it said that in the 27 days so far in May it had rained 22 days. Bleh. My backyard is starting to look normal again and not so swamp like.

And my final thought, I don't care what anyone says, Lady Gaga rocks. She has created audible crack. Heavy Metal Lover, ScheiBe, Bloody Mary, Government Hooker,etc. Thank you Gaga for the new album. I made Nick listen to a few songs in the car. He suggested I try listening to something else for awhile. Um no.

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