Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First Electrical Fire

I made my first lamp today. I didn't actually make it, I guess. I just painted it, but that counts I think. While working on it the switch on the cord caught on fire. Hence, my first electrical fire. The lamp is probably 10-15 years old so I wasn't really surprised. I unplugged it and no big deal, but the bummer is now I have to replace the light socket thingy and I don't know anything about that. Time to learn, I suppose, because this lamp has inspired me to build and paint more lamps. Gotta stock Hot Mess Express with some serious items! What's better than lamps that feature sultry hotties? Nothing.

I had to jerry rig it a little for the photo since the light wouldn't work anymore. So there is a bendy desk lamp pointing down into it.

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