Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Columbus Doesn't Like Me

I got notice from the Columbus Art Show that I didn't get accepted for their Summer Art Fair. I'm surprisingly not disappointed. The pride part of me that doesn't like rejection isn't too happy, but I wasn't real excited about handing over $450+ for a booth, not to mention what I would have to put out for supplies to build inventory, plus hotel expenses, and hope that I made it all back. Why did I apply then you ask? Because I thought it would be worth the risk. Instead of that bundle of stress I will invest in building clock inventory for the fall and winter and I'll play in lamp land for awhile. I like making illuminated artwork. A lot.

On a completely different note, check out my biggest custom order to date. The melting clock molded coffee table. This one is a beast. I can't wait to get some lacquer on it tomorrow because then it will really pop. I'll also get the legs either tomorrow or Friday and put the whole thing together. This project has been in the works since early December. I'm sure the customer is more excited than I am to have it completed finally. Hopefully he likes it!

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