Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't Drink and.....

Work! Come on now, drive is so obvious. Really, though, I don't drink and work. Not often anyways. Hey, I work at home!

The beer made me do it. That's why it's so prominently positioned in the photo. That was really an accident and I didn't want to take any more photos. I noticed when looking at them that my oh so stylish (don't be jealous now!) outfit looks a little too Dexter like. Maybe it's just me.

No really, it is late, which means I am super smart. What? You didn't hear about the study that showed that people that consider themselves night owls are smarter than morning people? Huh. I didn't either, but Rick told me about it. Of course, Rick also told me that baby back ribs come from baby pigs. I thought Montgomery Inn was lost to me forever. Thank you Google for clearing that up! Now if I could only afford to eat at Montgomery Inn............

I am drowning in a sea of clock work. I feel like my focus is worse than a, well I was going to put something really clever here, but couldn't think of anything. I can't focus.

Where do I turn, what do I work on? Computer clock stuff, custom order clock stuff, inventory clock stuff, new clock ideas that will flop? I just don't know.

Christmas sales have been good, I want them to get better. My November is looking like it won't match my October. I'm not complaining, I'm quite happy with how things are going. I updated my excel spreadsheet last night that tracks sales and expenses. Okay, I didn't update, I did it for 2010. That's how organized and on top of things I am. I thought I hadn't updated it since April 2010. It was August of 2009 when I updated it last. Oopsy.

Okay, my last ramble, I earned major mom brownie points today. Our gerbil finally died. Wait! I mean it passed away. Sniff. Hey, that little gerbil lived a long three year life. That is long for a gerbil. So anyways, that's not what I earned mom points for. Eli wanted another gerbil. Um, no. So I cleaned out the 10 gallon tank and we set it up as an aquarium in the kids room today. Eli was quite excited. We bought two female beta fish to start things out. They started fighting. Great.

Holy shit, this is a long post. It looks like an email I would send to Lisa. Wake up it's over! Now go to and buy five clocks. Thanks.

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