Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hooray for Christmas

Christmas shopping season is officially here! I have been busy busy. I had good sales last season and I'm hoping to have better sales this year. I've been more aggressive with listing on Etsy regularly and keeping stuff on Ebay, even though Ebay barely produces any sales anymore. It's advertising I suppose.

Art on the Levee has been good. I have sold at least on clock each week. This past weekend my orange Dali face clock sold. That's encouraging since it was the first in a new product design. I took several of my paintings down today. I would absolutely love to sell my artwork. We'll see how that goes. Below is a picture of my wall at the Levee. I will be down there for a few hours on Saturday along with other fellow artists hawking my wares in the lobby. Come on down and buy something! (From me preferably.)

Update: I sold nothing at the Levee this past weekend. But that is okay. I met some really nice fellow artisans.

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