Sunday, November 9, 2008

Show Dissapointment

The art show this weekend was a bummer. I sold one magnet. After setting up I looked around at the other tables and thought, "uh-oh". I was looking at kitchen towels and tote bags. I didn't fit in at all. People were there shopping for crafty stuff at bargain prices. I did learn some things, though. The most important being don't assume that people know the clocks are melting. After an hour or two I realized that people didn't understand what the clocks were all about. They didn't know who Dali was and they didn't know they were melting clocks. I think that most people that find me on the Internet are looking for Dali related items or melting clock items and so they understand my products. Not so at the church arts and craft show!
I'm glad I did it, though. Like I said, I learned some things and I know not to do any more small arts and crafts shows. There is a art show in Hyde Park square each year and I think I will try to get into that next year. It is a juried show so I'll have to submit photos. I think I would fit in there better. It is more of an art show. No penguin egg ornaments or crocheted pot holders. There is nothing wrong with those things, but melting clocks don't fit in with them so well.
Thank you to the lady that bought the magnet!
Ah, it is late. Almost 11:00 and Karina is fussing. Both kids have been sick this week so fun fun. I call Karina my growth because she is attached to me like glue normally, but when she doesn't feel good it is even worse. She is so stinkin' cute, though, I don't mind.
Hope everyone had a happy weekend.
Oh yeah, my hits have been crazy all of a sudden tonight. I'd love to know where people are finding my site. Feel free to let me know where you saw me. Thanks!

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