Friday, February 5, 2010

Magic Hot Dog Necklace

I was looking through the forums on Etsy today and in particularly entertaining thread I saw this listing mentioned. Now why can't I think of products like this? The description in the listing is as follows:

You can sell anything on Ebay... but what about Etsy?

I present to you my magic hotdog pendant with necklace. It actually has magic powers! As you see... it attracts cute cats and an a occasional dog. This necklace might also attract other wildlife so do not wear it near wooded areas. It also has the power to bring laughter and finger pointing! It also can keep you alive you get get lost. Simply eat and pray you don't die, either from being lost or food poisoning.

This pendant was hastily handmade with poor judgment and the consumption of a full pot of coffee. The seller is not responsible for any bad things that might happen while wearing this necklace.

This pendant comes with an adjustable black corded necklace.


To see the listing in Nixcreation's shop click here.

1 comment:

CarzooCritters said...

I saw this and laughed sooo hard! Especially because someone stated they wouldn't want to smell like a weenie all day... too funny! Great advertising for them though! =)