Thursday, January 29, 2009


We had a pretty big storm yesterday. Lots of freezing rain and snow. It is very pretty, but a little intimidating to hear the large trees creaking when they sway in the breeze. We have a couple branches down in our backyard that broke a couple railings on our fence. This weekend Eli will be able to make a big snowman, he is excited about that. It seems like every year towards the end of January/beginning of February we get a big snow.
Our power was out all day yesterday setting me back a bit on custom orders. I should have them all finished tonight and ready to ship tomorrow. I'm anxious to finish a few more oil paintings since they take soooo long to dry. I want them to be ready in April so I can apply to the Hyde Park show in person. That show is in October so if I get them done soon they should be dry enough for the show.

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