Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clock and Fish Tank Ramblings

I just joined product ads. We'll see if I get any traffic. Supposedly my clocks are searchable, but when I searched Melting wall clocks they didn't come up. Hmmm. I should be hearing back from the Amazon guy this week and I'll ask him about it.

I've had a couple of sales recently. That is encouraging. Sales dropped of to close to nothing a week or so before Christmas. I'd be lying if I said I minded the little break, though.

Earlier today I was pondering the very large sheets of 1/2 inch Plexiglas in my garage given to my by a neighbors friend. I was thinking about making some kind of greenhouse. Then I thought, No!, I will make a fish tank! I was quite excited about the idea. I think I'll make it five to six feet high and one and a half to two feet square. Tall and skinny. I'll have to make some kind of stand for it to sit in to avoid tipping accidents. I think it will be super cool! Our house is small so it will fit nicely in a corner. Then maybe I'll make the greenhouse thingy to extend out of the kitchen window, Nick would love that. (note the sarcasm). I think he feels like he lives in a jungle sometimes. Oh well, plants make you happy and clean the air.

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