Thursday, June 14, 2012

Melting Clock Soundtrack

When I have lots to do and I have to stay up late working I don't think I could make it without listening to music. I tend to get stuck on certain songs or artist. It was Lady Gaga for about a year or two with some Tool, Deftones, and Buckethead mixed in here and there. Right now I'm stuck on Parov Stelar thanks to this Bacardi commercial:

While looking on Youtube for a video of this song that I could share with you I found this next video, it really get's started after the heart fade at :39. I don't think I can accurately describe the joy and wonder I feel while watching this video. It makes me wonder what I've been missing out on on Youtube. You're welcome:

That's what I do while I wait for paint to dry. Really.

I'm afraid the next two may not be as exciting without the awesome dancing but they are good listening.

So if that doesn't make you feel like dancing and painting clocks.....................good! That's my job.

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