Monday, January 31, 2011

Hooray For Giant Eyeglasses and Slasher Films!

I was asked by a clock customer if I could recreate the Camp Crystal Lake Sign from Friday the 13th. I said of course. I am one of those people that truly believes I can pull anything off no matter how hard. Cocky, I don't think so. Confident, yes. That mind set has gotten me through some tough projects. Anywho, you can see how it turned out. I think it looks great. The sign measures 36" X 35".

I declare this the year of giant eyeglasses. My husband informs me that I am behind on the trend because women have been wearing giant sunglasses for awhile. This is true. But just try to find a good pair of new giant eyeglasses. You can't. I had to resort to vintage stock.

Oh the choices! After much thought and worry I finally bought two pairs of vintage frames tonight. The maroon and olive ones made me gasp with wonderous delight when I first saw them. They will most assuredly make my green eyes pop. The tan Playboy model is fabulously large and oh so classic. Am I really this superficial? No. But when making a statement with your face you must give it some thought. Now hopefully when they arrive I don't gasp with disappointment with how terrible they look on me. If so I will be selling some vintage eyeglass frames.

I looked ridiculous in the giant eyeglasses. One pair went back and the other is hiding in the back of my bureau. We'll just act like this didn't happen.

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