Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eager Beavers Don't Get The Best Results

I'm waiting for my first pin up to dry for a few days before working on it some more. I have figured out what background I want to do and I'm excited to finish it. In the meantime I am overflowing with creative excitement for my new found ideas. Tonight, however, I ran into a couple roadblocks. I decided to start on a new painting. I put four layers of gesso on a canvas that had a portrait of Dali. When I started sketching the new painting out I found that the pencil will not erase off the gesso I used. That sucks. So I used white acrylic as an eraser of sorts. It didn't work too fabulous, but I did learn a new trick. By putting a thin layer of the white acrylic over the pencil I could still see the pencil but it was sealed so it wouldn't bleed and smear when I painted over it with oils. This is where art school probably would have come in handy. I feel like I don't have a clue what the hell I am doing I'm just blindly stumbling forward and figuring it all out as I go.
The second road block is that my ridiculous impatience snuck up and I couldn't help but start on the head. I like what I have, but keep in mind once it's dry it needs some tweaking. More shading, and the feathers on the hat need to be filled in. But after looking at the whole canvas I hate everything else about the sketch. The entire body that was purposely left out of the below picture.
I just realized that this post is stupid long and no one but me will probably ever take the time to read it so I'll stop. Hopefully new pics of paintings will be up tomorrow!

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