Friday, April 10, 2009

Throwing Pots

My mom and I started wheel pottery classes last Saturday. After the first class I was thinking maybe it wouldn't be my thing. My two pots weren't anything too look at. But we had a practice session yesterday and I'm into it! My cylinders were quite nice I think. I definitely look at pottery different now. I have a mug my parents brought back from England for me when I was eight or nine. It is my cherished mug that NO ONE else is allowed to use. It was thrown on a wheel and I have new appreciation for the skill it took to create it. If I can get a set of mugs, a flower pot, and a pitcher out of this class I'll be excited.
I'm thinking about making some earings too. My ears are a gauge 6 and it is really hard to find feminine earings in that size. Maybe I can create something myself. We'll see.

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