Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poop on Paper, my review of the Surrealism and Dada movement exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum

I was so excited to go see the visiting exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum featuring Surrealism and the Dada movement. Thank God it was free. Obviously being the Dali fan that I am I was intrigued. I will admit aside from Dali I am not familiar with either the surrealists or Dada. Unfortunately I am now. I can see why Dali is the only name most people associate with surrealism, because he is the only one with talent.
There was a cool display at the exhibit called the Medicine Cabinet, or Box, I forget. It was a glass medicine cabinet with a projection on the back wall. It looked like animated charcoal drawings. Very interesting.
Most people I know are familiar with my feelings on Pollock. His work makes me want to vomit and after viewing a few of his accidents on paper I felt violated that I was exposed to them. It literally looked like he dropped a cup of paint and after it splashed across a paper he decided to see what idiot would think it was brilliant. Well, I don't. I think it is poop. I bet he could have painted with poop and people would have liked it just because. If I can replicate something with no thought, or better yet, if my four year old can replicate something with no thought, then how in the world do people pay millions of dollars for it? It is mind boggling. I think it is the biggest joke on the art community. "Hee hee, in a drunken alcoholic haze I will dribble lots and lots of paint on a canvas, and you will like it!" Never mind you could do it yourself for a lot cheaper. I'm sure plenty of art yahoos would say I am uneducated on the matter, I clearly don't get it, etc. Well, I don't get it and I'm glad. Where is the talent?
Don't get me wrong, everything there was poop. It was amusing to see people staring at a scribble on a piece of paper and acting like they thought it was fascinating. Come on people, it is okay to recognize crap when you see it! Just because it is in a museum does not make it good, or deep, or worth anything.
Dali oozed talent. His technique is flawless. The subject matter of his work may not appeal to everyone but there is no denying the skill that went into his paintings. I guess I should thank the Dada movement and the other Surrealists for having some influence on Dali. Without them perhaps he wouldn't have created what he did, and without Dali the Surrealists would perhaps have been forgotten as an unfortunate blip in art history.

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